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“The European School of Economics has foreseen the birth of a new humanity,
individuals free from prejudice and fear,
who can harmonise the age-long antagonisms:
economics and ethics, action and contemplation, financial strength and love.”
Elio D’Anna, ESE President


The International Business School for the 21st Century.

The European School of Economics (ESE), is a private International Business School that offers unique business degrees, including Bachelors, Masters, MBAs, and certificate programmes, at its centres in London, Madrid, Milan, Florence, Rome.

ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication and management thanks to their individually tailored course of study.

A school without borders, the European School of Economics is a new concept in higher education. Combining academic excellence, international surroundings and hands-on experience, the ESE degrees and certificate programmes are designed to prepare a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

There is no Such Thing as Unemployment:

There Is Only a Lack of Preparation.

“Unemployment” in the world of work is simply caused by a lack of adequate preparation and a passive attitude. The European School of Economics aims to drastically reduce the time necessary to graduate and to enter into the world of work.